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Several Amazing Facts about Library Software

You must have already heard something about present day library software, but I'll give you several weighty arguments which have caused thousands of users around the world to choose All My Books as their ultimate home library software.

Fact 1. Library software is no longer a luxury, it's a real need-be for any book-lover

Look, what kinds of books do you read these days? I think good old printed books you love so much, but time zips along and now you must be having tons of e-books, as well as so popular audiobooks stored on your hard drive. How to easily and masterly manage such a multi-format collection? Many book lovers have already made their choice in terms of library software - All My Books. It fully supports all known book formats and the list is constantly growing...

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Fact 2. Front-rank library software like All My Books is an 'all-can-do' program

It does everything on its own without involving your manual or any other efforts. The whole process is fantastically fast and as simple as ABC! Look, you enter the title of the book to be added (or just use the 'Scan drive for books' option), choose the online database (such popular databases as, and many others being available), and click on search button. That's the whole story! Then having added all your books, you adjust preferences and appearance of the program for your needs - choose the skin, the templates for book details, add some personal marks, etc. Due to tip-top Virtual Shelf mode having several variants you won't miss your book shelves or old bookcase you love so much.

Fact 3. Your relationships with friends and family will get significantly better

Do you value friendship and family relations? Then All My Books is exactly what you need, because, no matter how strange it sounds, your relations with friends and relatives will get a lot better. You see, this library software can improve them in multiple ways. First of all, 'Share with friend' option available allows you to send by e-mail the colorful list of all the books in the collection. So, you'll be able to discuss the plot, the author, the book cover and what not. Then, if you are the 'life of the party' and have many friends, you are sure to frequently exchange some books. As it often happens, you forget whom, when and which book you gave and as a result, you may not only loose a book, but you have a 'chance' to lose the friend, too. This library software owns a loan manager keeping track of books and whom you've lent them. In due time the loan manager reminds you of that book, so you'll avoid conflicts with friends. As for family relations, due to password protection option, your children will never enter your library behind your back - again you'll escape that sort of problems.

So, don't hesitate anymore which library software to choose and make the right choice!